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If you are a casual visitor to our website, an interested non-specialist, or even if you are sceptical about Intelligent Design (ID), this section is for you.
If your studies are in in science, philosophy, theology or a related discipline, this section will introduce you to the evidence for and the implications of the design argument.
This section shows that the emergence of the modern design argument is based on the work of accredited scientists working mainly in the fields of cosmology, geology and the life sciences.
This section contains material relevant to education, particularly in schools, and shows why pupils of school age should be exposed to the arguments for design in the universe.
The plausibility of the Christian faith depends amongst other things on the case for a Creator. This section shows the relevance of the scientific design argument for faith.
Youth is a time for exploring and learning and this section introduces you to arguments about the origin of the Universe and Life which you probably haven’t heard elsewhere!
This section shows how the design argument is often misrepresented in the press, and how public policy is influenced by deliberate distortions.
This section alerts parents to how the education system shapes and frequently distorts our children’s worldview, particularly through science.
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