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Theistic Evolution 

Theistic Evolution and its variant Evolutionary Creation are attempts to harmonise the Christian doctrine of Creation with the scientific consensus on Darwinian evolution. It seems to provide a straightforward way out of the self-evident contradiction involved in these positions. However, it is hard to see how the blind materialistic processes of evolution, based as they are on random mutations and natural selection, can be squared with the purposeful direction of a supreme Creator. It is for others to work out how to harmonise such different positions with the theological understanding of the Church. What is becoming increasingly evident is that the scientific community is beginning to lose confidence in traditional Darwinism and it is peculiar that some Christians would want to hitch their theology to a dying theory. The Intelligent Design movement is clear that the key to understanding the universe is to recognise from the scientific data that design and intelligence are the sources of all reality. While it is theoretically possible that evolutionary processes could be the result of design, the empirical data about the development of life doesn’t really support either Darwinian or Theistic Evolution as commonly understood.