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Because we are committed to the public discussion of Intelligent Design and its implications, we mount occasional conferences and seminars.  We will publicise forthcoming events on this page and through our mailing list as appropriate. 
We are also able to provide speakers for specific local events in schools, universities, churches and other interested bodies.  We can fit into most formats to suit the particular requirements of the sponsors. 
Prof David Galloway and Dr Alastair Noble are our most visible presenters and they are able to make presentations, engage in debates, and lead discussions in a range of formats.  A common format is a day conference with several presentations and discussions and/or workshops.  Most recently, they have debated and made presentations in Aberdeen, Cheltenham, Cumbernauld, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Oxford and Paisley, and at the Scottish and National Conferences of the Christian Medical Fellowship. 
Among the recent topics covered are:
Darwin or Design?
The Evidence for Intelligent Design in Nature
Is Intelligent Design science?
Intelligent Design and its Implications
Chemistry, Codes and Consciousness
What should we teach the children?
Cosmic Fine Tuning and other Mysterious Marvels
Design all the way down
Tadpoles, trees of life and other tall stories!
The Common Questions section of this website carries responses to the more common issues raised at conferences and seminars. 
Where appropriate, and subject to copyright clearance, links to recordings of C4ID conferences and seminars will be carried on this page, as and when they become available.    
If you wish to hold a conference, lecture debate or seminar in your area,
please contact Alastair Noble at