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Dr Alastair Noble, Director of the Centre for Intelligent Design, welcomes you to the web site

Prof David Galloway, President of the Centre, explains the nature of Intelligent Design
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The theory of Intelligent Design argues that certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause. This scientific case for design is becoming increasingly visible and influential around the world.

The primary aim of the Centre for Intelligent Design (C4ID) is to promote the public understanding of Intelligent Design (ID) and its implications.

The Centre for Intelligent Design (C4ID) is an independent organisation which has been set up by a network of volunteers across the UK who have professional interests in education, science, medicine, business and the law. It is funded by contributions from individuals and organisations that support its aims.

Its specific objectives are to:
  1. promote the professional investigation and public debate of Intelligent Design
  2. challenge, on the scientific evidence, the neo-Darwinian claim that the development of life is purely the result of undirected forces
  3. encourage consideration of the wider implications of Intelligent Design.

C4ID mounts a range of public and academic lectures, and distributes both print and electronic material.

We invite you to listen to the Oxford Lecture given in 2004 by Prof Phillip Johnson, now retired from his professorship in Law at University of California, Berkeley.  He is a very early proponent of Intelligent Design and has written extensively about the subject.  The entire lecture, recorded live and presented here unedited, lasts for a little under 40 minutes.  

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Editorial Policy                                                                            
In recognition of the world-wide growth of Intelligent Design Theory, C4ID will seek to publish articles from a wide range of contributors.  These will include scientists, philosophers, theologians and other interested individuals.  Contributors will be invited to write at both a popular and specialist level. 
Normally the name of each writer will appear on each article.  However, the reality is that for some writers, and especially scientists, their academic or public posts could be jeopardised by any expression of sympathy for Intelligent Design. 
Reluctantly we have to accept this limiting position which is wholly inappropriate in a country which professes to practise academic freedom and free speech.  For that reason some articles will appear with the caption ‘author’s details withheld’ in order to protect the reputation and livelihood of some of our contributors. 
Nonetheless, we will endeavour to secure articles of the highest quality from writers who are appropriately qualified.  All articles will be subject to a review process, but all the views expressed are those of the individual contributors.  
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We can be contacted through the Contact page or at:

Centre for Intelligent Design Ltd
Pembroke House
Ty Coch Lane 
Llantarnam Park Way
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Tel: 07802 868605