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What we do

The Centre for Intelligent Design UK (C4ID) was set up in 2005 by a small group of professionals following lecture visits to the UK by the late Prof Philip Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial (IVP 1991), and Dr Stephen Meyer, author of Signature in the Cell (HarperOne 2009). 
These two lecturers highlighted to large UK audiences the deficiencies of Darwinian science and the highly credible empirical data for Intelligent Design (ID) in nature.  The intention of the founders of C4ID was to promote the public and academic discussion of ID and its implications, in the UK and across Europe. 
C4ID is co-ordinated by a small group of committed professionals with interests in science, medicine, philosophy, theology and the law.  This group, in turn, is part of a wider network of around 50 professionals who work in universities, science, education, medicine, the churches and the law.  C4ID has an active e-mailing list of 2000+ people across the UK with whom it communicates regularly. 
C4ID operates largely through public meetings, seminars, debates, conferences, this website, a range of publications and monthly emails.  It encourages the academic and popular exploration of the evidence for Intelligent Design in nature, and its implications, particularly for science, philosophy and theology. 
Among the presenters who have contributed to events arranged by C4ID are Prof Philip Johnson (USA), Prof Michael Behe (USA), Prof John Lennox (UK), Dr Douglas Axe (USA), Dr John Wells (USA), Dr Geoff Barnard (UK and Israel), Dr Stephen Meyer (USA), the late Prof Norman Nevin (UK), Prof Chris Shaw (UK), Dr Günter Bechly (Germany) and Dr John West (USA).  UK-based lecturers include Dr Alastair Noble, Director of C4ID, and Prof David Galloway, President of C4ID. 
Information about events and publications sponsored by C4ID will be publicised on this web site.  Specific requests for information about the work of C4ID should be directed to