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 Design Dissected - is the Design Real?


Design Dissected

We are delighted to announce the publication of this exciting new book by our President, Prof David Galloway, the purpose of which is to provide a clinician’s perspective on the evidence for real design in living things.  Prof Galloway, a distinguished Scottish surgeon and former President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, currently holds Honorary Professorships at the Universities of Glasgow and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 
This beautifully illustrated book is written largely at a popular level.  There are some technical details, but these will be accessible to everyone. Those with a basic understanding of human biology or a background in healthcare will immediately connect with many of the examples.  Some real clinical cases have been chosen to illustrate specific points or to provide a backdrop to the argument as it develops. 
A selection of the amazing connected systems that exist in immunology, endocrinology, physiology, biochemistry, and neuroscience are explored. Specific design scenarios, such as the astonishing changes that must take place in the human circulatory system when the placental oxygen delivery is switched off and the lungs have suddenly to come into operation at the time of birth, are described in detail.  Had that system failed to operate for you – you would not be reading this sentence!  
The book also deals with the suffocating tyranny of ‘the scientific consensus’ and demonstrates how, in several historical examples, it became a clear obstacle to progress. Secondly, the existence of overlapping layers of complexity in biological systems is explored in some impressive examples taken from the author’s clinical experience. 
The book also explores the truly mysterious world of consciousness. The real but immaterial characteristics of the mind is overlaid on the neurochemical structure of the brain. The engaging treatment of this area shows convincingly that a chance or evolutionary explanation of consciousness is untenable.
Overall, the general conclusion that is drawn from current theories of origins is that a ‘transcendent agency’, however much it is blithely dismissed, provides a much more coherent scientific explanation for the complexity of nature than does mere chance or necessity.
This is a remarkable book, which argues cogently, from some less well-known examples, the overwhelming case for design in nature. It is a book to read, enjoy, study, and discuss. 
For illustrations from the book and more details, you can contact the author via his website

The book is available as a paperback or e-book version from Amazon, as a paperback only from John Ritchie Publishing or Barnes and Noble and other good booksellers.  It is also available in e-book format from Apple Books (via the Books app),, Kobo or online with a subscription to Scribd.